style tile for branding the cape sixes sport festival

Working with Bigger Than Me, I had the opportunity to design a logo and develop the branding for an exciting amateur 6’s cricket and culture festival. Set in Greenpoint Cape Town, the festival takes sporting events to new heights by combining sport, music, food and social development (CSR). It’s the first event of its kind to be launched in South Africa and, judging by the positive response to ticket sales, promises to be a popular yearly event in the future.

The logo concept stemmed from the idea to combine cricket imagery with a musical graphical element. It had to steer away from cliched graphics seen in the Cricket World Cup and other international cricket competitions as it’s not just about the sport but also about music, culture, family and CSR. A cricket ball was decided on as a great eye-catching logo element, the ball has some spin on it and the apostrophe in 6’s was tweaked to look like a musical note.

The styling of the logo and the brand’s look and feel needed to be bold, fresh and organic so I developed a ‘stamp’ effect for the visuals and chose fonts that had a lot of movement and character to them. Instead of creating a full corporate identity, I developed the branding in the form of a style tile. It gave anyone working with the brand in the future, a good idea of how the brand’s image should be upheld. The style tile concentrated on logo variations for both web and screenprinting, colour palettes, typography, UI interface elements and photography.