branding-cape-town-metro-police-designRe-branding exercise, corporate identity, brand rollout, logo design, newspaper design, banner design.

In 2003 the City of Cape Town adopted its new brand identity developed by Ogilvy SA. It was my job to act both as “Logo Cop” – making sure all marketing that went out was in line with brand guidelines – as well as to design the Metroplolitan Police’s new uniforms, badges, vehicle decals and lapels. The City of Cape Town employs well over 25 000 staff and being a City Council, it consists of a wide variety of services and departments that all needed to embrace the new identity.

During my time at the CCT I worked on a wide variety of jobs that ranged from the City’s own newspaper “Cityworks” to large scale banners and signage for each council department, adverts and Mandela’s 80th Birthday banner which was displayed outside the Town Hall on the foreshore.

Done while working at City of Cape Town.


metro-police-vehicle-decal-design cape-town-metro-police-badge-design metro-police-uniform-badge-designcct-cityworks-newspaper-header-design cape-town-council-cityworks-newspaper-design cct-mandela-80th-birthday-banner-design cct-council-small-business-advert-design cct-council-headquarters-banner-design