fliqio logo design responsive website and apps iphone 5 loginiphone 5 splash screen mobile app screenshots ipad app interface ipad map interface online form user interface elements business card designsFliqio App Interface & Logo Design

Fliqio is a personalised mobile video-on-demand service that allows users to easily find and watch a wide variety of high quality, carefully selected short video. Any time, any place, on or offline. Think Spotify for short video but only better as 60% of subscription revenue goes to Fliqio’s content contributors. Check out www.fliq.io

For the logo Melanie Reed, the CEO and Head of Product at Fliqio, wanted to reference the Art Deco Cinemas and theatres of the 1940s while also maintaining a contemporary Web 3.0  feel.

The app’s user interface (UI Design) needed to be responsive for both mobile and tablet platforms. The look and feel is flat and engaging in style.

Fliqio is pre-selling discounted subscriptions for their app on Kickstarter, with up to 68% off an already affordable price.

By purchasing a discounted subscription from Fliqio not only will you be able to watch amazing short films anytime you please, but you will also be helping to revolutionise short film distribution and supporting filmmakers.

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