designing an annual report for the NGO sector

index for educational NGO in south africa

infographic showing the structure behind ikamvayouth's success

designing a corporate brochure layout

grade 12 matric pass results 2015

grade 12 results in south africa

impact and resources growth at ikamvayouth

I believe that having equal education is the key to having true equality in this country. IkamvaYouth is an educational NGO that equips learners from township-based secondary schools with the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to access tertiary education and employment opportunities once they matriculate.

Last year I was tasked with refreshing IkamvaYouth’s logo and brand identity in the form of brand guidelines and templates for their business stationary.

This Annual Report was the first brochure design to implement their new branding. I used bold zigzag patterns as textures and desaturated photographs with their primary colour palette to create a sophisticated yet bright and encouraging document.

I worked on a series of infographics for the brochure design that would communicate their impressive results in a clear and interesting way that would have maximum impact to their stakeholders.