infographics-project90by2030-growth-design infographics-project90by2030-workers-skyboy-design infographics-project90by2030-funds-skyboy-designinfographic-project90by2030-fruit-skyboy-designinfographic-project90by2030-rain-skyboy-designinfographic-project90by2030-spent-skyboy-designinfographic-project90by2030-coffee-skyboy-designInfographics and Presentations.

Project 90by2030 is a South African Environmental NGO. It has grown massively over the last 5 years so they wanted to make use of infographics to visualise their growth in a fun way that would be easy for shareholders to understand.

I told their story of growth through a set of 3 infographics. Starting with the “Fruits of their labour” – their website, blog and newsletter. The 2nd slide used trees as the “bearers of the fruit” to personify their growing workforce. The last slide used rain clouds to illustrate the funds “raining down from above” and a watering can to communicate the amount of funds coming in and out over the last 5 years.