quickpic-ui-mobile-app-splash-screenquickpic-mobile-app-intro-screen quickpic-ui-app-nav-designquickpic-ui-mobile-app-rate-screenquickpic-mobile-app-settings-screenquickpic-ui-app-button-designMobile app UI design, icons and button design as well as logo design and branding.

Quickpic is a mobile app designed to help professional photographers cull and rate large amounts of photos in a quick and easy way – saving them time and money. The app enables the photographer to flick through recent photo shoots and with the smart phones gesture movements they can either flick up for ‘yes’ or down for ‘no’ – they also have the option to rate each pic from 1 to 5 stars and they can also send pics straight to the trash. The app then updates the metadata behind each pic so that when it is time for the photographer to sit at their macs for the final edit they have a much more condensed selection as Adobe Bridge and Light Room both work alongside the app.

For the logo the client wanted to highlight the ‘rating’ aspect of the app so the thumbs up and down were suitable here. The colour palette was based on green for go or ‘yes’ in this case and red for ‘no’.

The client wanted the app’s user inteface (UI Design) to be based on a flat and engaging style that is becoming very trendy among mobile apps in 2013.