infographic design with facts about cruise ships

Fascinating facts and stats on the growing cruise ship industry

infographic design as a survival guide to travelling with kids

A step-by-step guide to flying with toddlers

travelling with pets infographic design

A handful of interesting facts and figures about the various pets that travel

infographic showing tipping cultures around the world

To tip or not to tip? Infographic explaining various countries’ attitudes to tipping

Infographic design is a fast growing trend and is becoming a sought after way of explaining various data sets, facts and tips in an interesting and visually appealing way that will have more of an impact than just a few bullet points or paragraphs.

Every month I create an infographic for SureTravel’s “Journey Magazine”, it’s a different topic each month but they are all based on the subject of travel in some way, from guides to travelling with toddlers to interesting facts about the cruise liner industry.

The data for each infographic is supplied to me but it is my job to come up with a concept, analogy or theme that will help to present the copy in an interesting and visual way.