Jules Morgan is a well-known professional wedding photographer, revered for her amazing ability to combine a storytelling ‘go with the flow’ approach with directed portraits to capture the essence of the moment.

On top of being one of South Africa’s most coveted Wedding Photographers, Jules also does professional portrait shoots, writes a mean blog which showcases some of her adventurous travel pics and is a mother of two. She needed a complete rebrand done which involved designing a set of logos that would reflect her “down to earth” and easy going character, while also being flexible enough to represent her 3 websites: Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography and African Snaps – her blog.

I traced old victorian illustrations – two birds for “Weddings”, kids playing for “Portraits” and an old African Tree for “African Snaps” – and turned the logo into a stamp to give her brand a hand-crafted personal feel. The type-writer styled font is clean and professional which also reflects the personal touch she gives her work and writing.

Using her initials, I developed a monogram in the shape of a heart which can be used separately to credit her photographs or as a stamp on her packaging.

All Jules’s stationary was printed onto 100% recycled paper giving it a lovely uncoated, textured feel and tying in well with her brands natural and hand crafted identity.

I also helped with the overall styling of her three websites. To have a look at Jules’s website please visit www.julesmorgan.com/